Valentine’s Day Door Hanger

February 16, 2016 in Creating, Valentine Creations, Valentine's Day by Sharla

Valentine’s Day Door Hanger


I know that wreaths are where it’s at to spruce up a front porch, especially for holidays.  There are billions of styles out there, each cuter than the last, but I have a confession to make…I don’t like them!  At least, not on my door.  I think it’s my inner teenager rebelling against the many circles hanging on our front door growing up.  They matched my mom’s taste and style, which I guess I still have a desire to avoid despite the fact she has great taste.  The problem is, I really like decorating my house and porch for holidays!  Thus, the Valentine’s Day Door Hanger came to be.

It’s really super simple, a bit time consuming, but worth it.  It is one of my most complimented decorations.  There are two ways to do this, the shabby chick way (which is how I did it) and the more tamed way.  The only difference is the materials you use.  Let’s start with my way…

Why do I love this way?  I love fabric and ribbon and I always have extra from other projects hanging around, so I chose about 5 fabrics that went well together and then valentines colored ribbon and trim.  Add a piece of ribbon or twine to tie it all to and you are ready to roll.


5-6 different colored fabrics

pink, cream, and red ribbon/trim



fusible interfacing (optional)

iron (optional)
The Method:

First determine how wide you want the door hanging to go across the door.  I liteally just held up the twine across the width of my door with a slight swag in it, double it up and cut.  I tied the ends to include a loop so I had a way to hang it.



Next (and this is the fun part) start tearing the fabric into 1″ strips.  If you’r going for the shabby look this is the cutest and easiest was to get going.  Don’t worry about length, just tear until you have all of your strips.  If some are too short, no problem!  Tie them together on the ends to add length.

Once all of my fabric was torn I started with the longest strips and tied the end to the middle of the twine.  I wanted my door cover to have a “V” effect at the bottom so I started with the longer strips in the middle and worked my way out.  If I came across strips that were too short, no problem!  I just tied another on.  

After all of the fabric was tied I started adding the ribbon.  I had left over ball trim which added a whimsical touch as well.  Really, there’s no wrong way to do this.  Plus, if you don’t like something, just take it off.



As a final touch (and you don’t have to) I cut out fabric hearts and used fusible or iron on interfacing and added them sporadically to the final project.  Simply cut two hearts and one piece of interfacing, sandwich the interfacing and a strip between the hearts, wrong sides together, iron and then glue with hot glue if necessary.  


There you have it, love in the air for all of the visitors coming to the front door.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


<3, Sharla

If you prefer a less shabby look for your Valentine’s Day Door Hanger, use this pin as inspiration.  Or just order one from ohMYcharley  who takes all of the work out of it for you by offering her products on Etsy.