Valentines Creations

Valentine's Day Door Hanger

Valentine’s Day Door Hanger

I know that wreaths are where it’s at to spruce up a front porch, especially for holidays.  There are billions of styles out there, each cuter than the last, but I have a confession to make…I...Read More »

Never Pay full Price at Jo Ann Michael's Hobby Lobby or Amazon


This is a big promise, right? I know, I am aware. If someone offered me a pot of endless coupons for all of the craft stores I shop at, I might be a bit dubious (no I wouldn’t). So, let...Read More »

Zombie Love DIY Craft Project

Zombie Love DIY Craft Project

Have you seen Warm Bodies, The Walking Dead, or Plants vs. Zombies?  Yes, yes you have, because zombies are everywhere!  They are the new vampire!  Pop culture is enthralled with loving unloveable creatures lately, and you know...Read More »

Daily Doable 2/12/14

Valentine Idea for Boys: Plants vs. Zombies!

Click here or the picture to watch the Daily Doable!

...Read More »

Daily Doable 2/11/14


How to Validate Your Kids on Valentines Day!

Click here or the picture to watch the Daily Doable!

...Read More »

Using Your Own Art to Decorate Your Home

Using Your Own Art to Decorate Your Home

Let’s talk wall art.  It kills me every time I go to Target and look at the generic wall art they sell, for a lot of money!  Why not make your own?  No really, I’m...Read More »

You Are Priceless Gift Idea Tutorial

“You Are Priceless” Gift Idea Tutorial

You see what I did there?  Gold wrapping on a candy bar, gold coins, and a gold gift card with a personalized $100 bill message?  Get it?  “You are Priceless”?  Yeah, it’s pretty cute.  I actually...Read More »

Using Nature to Decorate for Any Holiday

Using Nature to Decorate for Any Holiday!

I love to decorate for the holidays.  I love the spooky, fun look of Halloween, the warm, inviting earth tones of Thanksgiving, and the joyful bright themes that surround Christmas.  But adding decorations to these holidays...Read More »

Valentine's Day Pendant Banner

Valentine’s Day Pendant Banner 

Last year every time I turned around there were pendant banners hanging from everything.  I was ravenous with desire to have one.  So, I closed my eyes and took a...Read More »

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