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September 5, 2013 in Daily Doable

Up-Cycle Egg Crate Into Floor Pillows!

IMG_1871  Up-cycle Egg Crate into Floor Pillows

IMG_1885 IMG_1880

Up-Cycle Old Egg Crate into Floor Pillows

August 13, 2013 in Sewing, Sewing for Fun

Up-Cycle Old Egg Crate into Floor Pillows

Up-cycle Egg Crate into Floor Pillows

Today, we are going to go from this…


Into this..


(I know, the kids are holding the pillows crooked, jeez!  I ask my kids to do ONE thing…)

You’re excited, I can tell!  Everyone has the old, stained, gross egg crate mattress laying around, junking things up, and you don’t want to get rid of it because there is something wrong with you (by you I mean me).  Well, here is why you kept it…you knew one day some inspired soul would find a way to make it all better. My friends, that day has arrived.  Enough talk, let’s sew.

You will need:

-1 egg crate or foam padding (my egg crate was a twin size and, like super thin.  Just about as cheap as they come).  Now this tutorial is for the twin size, you may have to fudge your own numbers if you have a different size. I was able to get 4 pillows out of my padding.

-2 1/2 yards white cotton fabric (that is at least 54″ wide).  So many options for getting your materials, if you like to get junk online I like Stitch Craft Create.  Click this link to check out discounts of fabric.

-2 1/2 yards outer fabric (I used fleece I had laying around, just make sure your fabric is durable, washable and cute!)

-16″ of velcro

Sewing machine and thread

That’s it!  That is all you need.  Not bad, right?

Let’s Get Started:

1. First we need to prepare the egg crate.  I folded mine in half long ways like this…


Now we need to cut it into 4 equal portions.  Don’t over think this part.  With the egg crate folded long ways now fold it in half and cut on the fold.


 Now fold each of the halves in half and cut those as well.  So you have 4 equally sized pieces.  No need to make yourself crazy being exact and measuring the crap out of it.  On this blog, if you can eyeball it, do so!

IMG_1894 IMG_1893

 2.  Let’s prepare a perminent casing for the foam.  I don’t know, I just felt like I needed to make a sealed pillow before I made the outer case.  I did this with just plain white cotton.  Why plain white cotton?  Because I had enough of it left over from a previous project.  Doesn’t have to be beautiful.

IMG_1891 IMG_1889

 I simply kept the fabric folded on the fold line it comes in (bias sides together), laid the padding in it and trimmed off the extra.  Again, no measuring just eyeball it.  I sewed the sides together, leaving one open to put the pillow in.  No need to hide seams, this is just the under layer.  Now stuff the pillow in, and sew the last side shut.  Have some extra fabric?  Just trim it off.



3.  Make the outer pillow case.  I wanted to make my outer case removable so I could pull it off and wash it because, well, kids are gross.  So we are going to make the outer case the same as the inner, we just aren’t going to seal it shut.  Lay your fabric out with the fold again.  Once again fit the covered padding inside the folded fabric and trim.  



Now sew the fabric together so only one side is still open.  

Let’s finish the opening.  With the pillow case inside out fold the opening back 1″ and sew a straight line to secure it, like a hem.

IMG_1887 IMG_1886


4.  Add the Velcro.  I did two 2″ strips right on the hemmed part of the opening.  Remember, you want to put one side of the velcro on the outside of the pillow case and the matching piece on the inside.



Simply sew around the rectangle to secure it and YOU’RE DONE!

IMG_1885 IMG_1882

IMG_1871 IMG_1876

<3, Sharla