Quick Sand Leprechaun Trap

March 11, 2014 in Kids, St. Patrick's Day

Quick Sand Leprechaun Trap


He’s cute, right?  His name is Darby O’Gill and he comes to play our game every St. Patrick’s Day.  What game, you may ask…..well, the game where my family and I put our heads together and trying and set a trap for him.  We’ve got him a couple of times, but he’s strong, smart, and sly (of course).  Today’s trap was mostly from the brain of my son.  He insisted that quick sand would be sure to trap Darby, make him immobile but not hurt him.  Pot of gold, here we come!

This one is pretty simple and easy.  Get a bowl and some sand.  Add enough water that the sand is saturated, but the water isn’t to the top.  I hear leprechauns aren’t very good swimmers, and finding a leprechaun corps on St. Patrick’s Day morning is sure to put a damper on things.  


Once the sand is ready you need bait.  What does every greedy little leprechaun love?  Gold, of course!  We always bait our traps with a few Susan B. Anthony coins.  The gold and authenticity of the coins is a sure sign you’re going to entice your little pest.

Some years we catch him and he gets away, others he’s just too crafty.  Either way he always leaves a taunting note behind.  And, of course chocolate coins.  if we did a good enough job trapping him there may be some real gold coins as well (remember the Susan B’s).


Lastly, we always set up a camera to capture the great escape.  He really had a time with this one…


But some how he managed to get out, again!


Good luck with your trap, and have a great St. Patrick’s Day!


<3, Sharla


Fly Paper Leprechaun Trap Tutorial

March 10, 2014 in Kids, St. Patrick's Day

Fly Paper Leprechaun Trap Tutorial


In my opinion, St. Patricks Day is one of the most highly under rated holidays.  It is dedicated to green beer and pre-pubesent teens looking to annoy each other with pinches.  It can be so much more!  Matt, my better half, loves to make everything magical from coming home with unexpected surprises to creating family traditions that are out-of-the-norm and that is where our annual leprechaun trap comes in.  One year he suggested to try and trap a leprechaun and when the little devil escaped and left a taunting note behind with chocolate coins, the kids upped the anti.  If they get chocolate for catching him but he escapes, just think of the bounty if they could actually keep him pinned.  He signed his name “Darby O’Gill” and he returns every year to accept the challenge.  

This is a state-of-the-art idea that the whole family worked on.  Fly paper to make him stick, gold packaging ribbon to attract him and gold coins, of course, to lure him to the middle (gold $1 coins work nicely).  It’s not about catching him, its about building magic, fun, and tradition.

Here’s what cha gotta get:

  • 1 piece poster board
  • Fly paper (I got mine at Home Depot)
  • Gold packaging ribbon
  • Gold coins
  • Markers and crayons to decorate
  • Mini leprechaun figure…keep him to use from year to year

How to pull if off:

  • Set the trap.  We cut the strips of fly paper and made a circle (I guess it’s actually a hexagon) in the middle of the poster board.  Then we decorated with crayons, markers, and instructions on just where Darby show walk (not at all suspicious).  We used the gold packaging ribbon, add the gold coins in the middle to dazzle him into the trap.

2576_1084190796147_6200429_n 2576_1084190756146_5047937_n 2576_1084190716145_5913568_n

  • Now here’s the fun part, making it believable.  We set up a photo trap (just for appearances) to catch the action.  Use your little figure to pose the pictures.  We left little foot prints on the fly paper using ash from the fire place or you could use an ink pad.  We even left a few mini clothes props stuck to the fly paper, as if he couldn’t free them so he left them behind to get away.

2576_1084190836148_388214_n 2576_1084190676144_326563_n 2576_1084190556141_1080974_n 2576_1084190516140_3525622_n 2576_1084190916150_743618_n

  • Last, we left two mini pots of gold (again chocolate and gold dollars) in mini cauldrons and a note from Darby explaining his big escape.  The next morning the kids get a special treat and the magic and fun of seeing the pictures.  

2576_1084190956151_3159714_n 2576_1084191036153_3848126_n

It’s easy, fun, and worth it.  St. Patricks Day is now one of my kid’s favorite holidays.  We brain storm for weeks about our trap for the year and reminisce about the ones we’ve done in the past.  Good luck, those leprechauns are crafty and strong!


Happy St. Patricks Day!


<3, Sharla