Spring Bird Nest Decoration DIY Tutorial

March 7, 2014 in Creating, Easter, Easter Creations

Bird Nest Tutorial


I’m not gonna lie, this is not a fast project, but it’s worth it!  Really, look at how cute this turned out.  It’s the quintessential Spring decoration.  And it costs less than $10 to make.  A little chicken wire, a little raffia a few cute eggs and a whole lot of twigs, all from Crafts at Joann.com (ok, not the twigs).  So pop in your favorite chick flick, get comfy and ring in Spring!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A boat load of small twigs.  I sent my kids out on a hunt and they just gathered what they found on the ground.  Keep in mind, the more flexible, the better.
  • Chicken wire – 18″x18″ square…approximately.
  • Hot glue and gun…lots of it.
  • 1 package raffia (my husband not-so-affectionately calls raffia hay…he’s not really a fan, but you can’t argue with the results!)

Whatcha Gotta Do:

  • First you need a form to glue your twigs to.  I like chicken wire because it’s cheap, easy to work with, and frankly I had some on hand.  Cut a strip off about 18″ wide using wire cutters.  Fold your strip in half so it’s a square.  Place it on the ground and use one hand to hold down the center and the other to start bending the sides up.  Fold the pointy corners down inside the bowl and just work it until you have a reasonably round or oval bowl shape.  If you’ve spent any time on this blog you know the instruction I’m going to give next; don’t feel like it has to be perfect!  You’re going to cover it with glue and twigs, you just need a base to start with.

IMG_3275 IMG_3276

  • Now start glueing.  There is no rhyme or reason to this part.  Just glue…


and glue…


and glue until…


the chicken wire is covered on the outside and top.


I didn’t bother glueing twigs to the bottom because you want a flat base for it to sit and you are going to use raffia to cover it…and, frankly, I was sick of glueing.

  • Here’s a picture of what my raffia looked like when I pulled it out of the package.  I almost never buy it so I’m not sure if it comes any other way, but you want a package that is tied together, not a big tangled mess (unless you want the inside of your bird nest to look that way, which if you do, no judgment).


Pull off a few strands and simply wind them around you fingers and then lay them in the nest.  Then help it unravel so it fills to the walls.  Do this several times until you get enough coverage in the nest to cover the wire.

IMG_3395 IMG_3396

  • To finish the inside of the nest, tie a knot in a few strands of the raffia and make a very small circle using only two fingers the same way you made the bigger ones.  Leave about 5″ of the end out and wrap it through the hole in the center and around the outside 3 or 4 times to keep the circle bundled.  Secure the ends on the back with, you guessed it, hot glue.

IMG_3398 IMG_3399 IMG_3401

Place your mini circle in the middle and, TA DA…


The word you’re looking for is “ADORABLE!”

  • The final step is for those of us who didn’t quite go low enough with the twigs (did I mention I was sick of glueing?).  I needed to cover a bit of wire right at the base on the outside so I just wound some raffia around the bottom a few times and (shutter) glued.


It’s barely noticeable down there.  Add some cute eggs and there you have it!


Happy Spring!


<3, Sharla


Napkin Ring Chair Decor

August 7, 2013 in Creating, Easter Creations

Use a Napkin Ring as Chair Decor for Easter

I have a big, manly dining room table.  What do I mean by “manly”?  Well, it’s very square, very heavy, and has lots of rivets.  If you saw it, you’d know what I mean.  So, it is my goal in life to make it cute and girly (which just thrills my husband).  So, here’s a simple, inexpensive and cute idea to decorate your chairs for the Easter season:
Easy Decor
These are $2 napkin rings from Tai Pan Trading Company hung with pink and cream sheer ribbon (also from Tai Pan Trading Company, but any ribbon will do) tied with a bow at the top.
Could it be more simple or affordable?!
Hope to see you hopping around soon!
<3, Sharla