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Blog Post: DIY Princess/Vampire Cloak Tutorial!

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Daily Doable 10/31/13

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Daily Doable 10/30/13

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Get Your Candy….For Cheap!

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Daily Doable 10/26/13

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5 Simple, Easy, Cheap Halloween Costumes for Adults!

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Halloween Party/Play Date/Play Group Ideas

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7 Great Ideas for Halloween Party/Play Date/Play Group

Yeah, I don’t know how it happened but I ended up as room mom for my 8-year-old’s class and as such have had to get creative for the Halloween party.  I’m not too sad about the creative part, and I thought I’d share my ideas.  You’re Welcome.  😉

#1…Glow-in-the-Dark Spiders

IMG_3342 IMG_3339 IMG_3340

You Need:

Small clear cups with lids

Spider Web

Small glow sticks

Plastic spiders

How fun are these?!  Cute and simple.  Take a small clear cup with fitted lid (they’re actually jello shot glasses – hee hee) a mini glow stick, a tiny bit of spider web and a couple of plastic spiders.  Break the glow stick wrap the spider web around it, stick it in the cup and add the spiders.  

#2….Cracker Jack Mummies

IMG_3336 IMG_3337 IMG_3338

You Need:

Cracker Jacks

Computer Paper

White crepe paper

Googley eyes



Black Marker

First, take a regular piece of computer paper and wrap the Cracker Jacks like a present.  Then, take a long piece of crepe paper  and wrap it around the box, secure with tape.  Last, add the googley eyes with glue and a black marker for added facial cuteness.

#3….Gum Ball Necklaces

IMG_3356 IMG_3345 IMG_3349

You Need:

Gum Balls

Curling Ribbon

Exacto Knife

Large Needles

Ok, this one is way worth it but takes a little more prep work.  First, you need gum balls (shocking, I know).  Next you need to make the holes on either side.  I did this with an Exacto knife.  I just poked the tip of the knife into the gum ball and then twirled it around while applying pressure to make the hole on each side.  A little time consuming but easier than you might think.  What’s less time consuming is my husband washed and fitted his drill with a small drill bit and drilled the holes for me.  This was so much quicker and easier.  He drilled 200 gum balls in about an hour.

IMG_3343 IMG_3344 IMG_3346

Next, use a large needle and a long piece of curling ribbon (you know, the ribbon you wrap presents with that curl when you run the edge of scissors along it’s edge) just like a needle and thread.  String each gum ball onto the curling ribbon, and tie on.

#4….Dart Board and Punch Board

IMG_3381 IMG_3383 Click Halloween Howlers for the PDF


This is a game meant to be played together.  Put folded pieces of paper with numbers on them into the balloons and create the balloon board (for complete instructions on how to make the balloon board click here).  Number the holes on the punch board and fill with prizes (for complete instructions on how to create the punch board click here).  Last use this list of number coordinated Halloween Howlers and begin!  First the kid pops a balloon.  Then they use the number inside the balloon to act out the silly action found on the Halloween Howler PDF.  I made a list of Halloween Howlers (silly spooky actions) and included the PDF so all you have to do is click and print.  Last, they punch the coordinating number on the punch board and pull out a prize.  Alone, each activity is short, but together they make a great game.

#5…Leaf Creatures

IMG_2742 IMG_2751 IMG_2753

You Need:

Paper Bags


Googley eyes

Ok, this was inspired by the book Leaf Man.  It would be fun to read the book first and look a the pictures before you start this activity.  Here in Utah, we had a little bit of a late cool down, so when I did this project with the kids the leaves hadn’t changed colors yet and we may have made a few bald spots on the bushes, but you get the point.  Give the kids bags and go hunting.  Gather what ever they like and head inside.  For little kids I just did a big squiggle of glue on the page and they stuck their leaves then added eyes (because everything is more fun with googley eyes).  Older kids can really get creative turning their leaves different ways to make actual pictures.  Great for all ages.

#6…Sucker Ghosts (suckers as in actual suckers, not the kids)



IMG_2763 IMG_2762 IMG_2759


You Need:

Suckers (I like Blow Pops, they’re nice and big)

Cheese cloth cut into squares or tissues

Yarn or curling ribbon

Black Marker

This is a classic, you can use tissues or cheese cloth but the idea is the same.  Drape your cheese cloth over the sucker and tie with some yarn or curing ribbon.  Add eyes and a mouth with black marker and…BAM…spooky Halloween treats.

#7…Spooky Treat Scene



You Need:

Graham Crackers


Black Food Coloring


Various Candies

How cute and easy?!  Simply use black food coloring to color frosting, and the rest is self explanatory.  Gather a few cute treats to decorate with and go to town.  Upside down peanut butter cup with a pretzel is a witches broom, peep ghost, gummy worm, and candy corn pumpkin.

<3, Sharla



Daily Doable 10/23/13

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DIY: Using Roses that are Dried or Dying!

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Daily Doable 10/22/2013

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Halloween Crafts Made by Kids for Kids!

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Daily Doable October 21, 2013

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It’s Finally Ready!!!  Blog Spot: The Tardis!

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I Need A Dr.

October 20, 2013 in Halloween, Halloween, Halloween Creations

Attention all Dr. Who Fans……

You’re Gonna Wanna See This!


Seriously!!!  Look at this thing…the pic on the left is what Matt used to go off of, and the pic on the right is what he created!!!  Wait, I need to use some more explanation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is me…AAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ok, I think you get the point.


If you follow the blog at all you know that A) my husband, Matt, is incredibly talented and artistic, B) he works with a lot of mediums (wood, painting, drawing, sculpting, spray paint…) and C) he loves me very much.  So when I come to him and say, “Hey babe, I think I want to build Dr. Who’s space ship for a Halloween decoration” the last thing he is going to do is leave me to building a Tardis by myself which would have ended up being a step below a card board box.  Just so you know, a step below a card board box is a two story Doritos bag.

Thus it bagan.  I don’t think he really thought it would take as much time, work, planning, effort and trips to The Home Depot to get it done, but here I sit, the proud owner of Dr. Who’s space ship, lovingly refered to as The Tardis (re-named by Matt as the “Re-Tardis”, or the “Tar-Taris”, as well as many explicative when it didn’t go together as quickly as he had hoped).

IMG_3269 IMG_3197 IMG_3206

Dr. Who has a very specific cult following, which, I think, makes me a nerd.  Do I care?  No!  I freaking love that show including all of the cheesey costumes and plot lines.  It’s kid friendly, fun, imaginative, and a little spooky at times.  All of which make it delightful.  So if you’ve never given it a chance you should get on Netflix or on the Amazon Prime account and start watching.  Seriously, why are you still sitting there.  Go watch Dr. Who!

As far as making the Tardis, I don’t have step by step instructions, but I did document some of Matt’s work as he went along and can share a little about what he did if you choose to attempt it.  If not, just look at mine and feel happy, like me.

So, Matt found this little paper box pattern online for the Tardis.  That gave him an idea, he used the paper box for the basis of his measurements.  He decided doing one actual size would be, well, expensive, hard, a lot of money, difficult, pricey, and enormous.  So he went half size.  He used this to figure out the normal size and then cut everything by half.  Let me just say, genius. 


Ok, so first step, by and cut a lot of wood…I don’t know what Matt’s dimensions were, but he started with a flat piece of MDF and then used other strips of MDF and 2x4s to build up the design on the doors.  He also used finishing edging on the inside of each square for added effect.  Then he built the box that sat on top of each door for the window that would say “police box”.  He did some junk to stabilize the inside and then calked everything.  Yes, he did this four times (once for each side).  He originally put the plastic behind the windows during the build but later took it out for easier painting.

IMG_3265 IMG_3268 IMG_3197


Once all sides were done he assembled it in the back yard to paint, add the roof (which he built up the same as the doors) and the light on the top.

IMG_3200 IMG_3152


He was super smart about the painting and used a paint gun.  He started with a light blue base coat, then added dark blue using the spray gun.  He finished it off with black and a dry brush.

IMG_3182 IMG_3204IMG_3252


Wanna know how we got the police window to look so good?  This is something I wish I could take credit for, but again, it was Matt’s idea.  There is a custom vinyl shop in the mall and they can create any design in any font and cut it for you.  I took a picture of the Tardis into the mall, gave them the measurements and they cut it for me on the spot.  Four signs for each side.  Freaking awesome.  We couldn’t find a lock that matched the show, but we couldn’t leave it out because, hello!  The lock and key play such an important role in so many episodes.  Plus, it’s super funny that a simple lock and key protects a machine that harnesses the powers of the universe.  So Matt made a template of a circle and used gold paint (and his skills) and painted the lock on.  He also printed the little sign for the door off the internet on a tan paper, I laminated it and he screwed it on.  

 DSC_0314 DSC_0317

Handles from Home Depot, and there you have it…

IMG_3246 DSC_0332 DSC_0320


The best, most amazing gift/decoration ever!

Thank you, Matt!  I love you.

<3, Sharla

Daily Doable 10/18/13

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I know this is not a traditional Daily Doable, but I chose this video because #1) This is the haunted house that Matt spray painted half of, #2) he and I are both in this promo video, #3) this haunted house is legit.  If you’re interested in seeing more of what Matt painted in this haunted house visit his online portfolio at www.openstreetart.net.

Visit a Haunted House!

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