Daily Doable 11/21/13

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Blog Post:  How to Make This Beautiful and Meaningful Christmas Gift!

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Daily Doable 9/20/13

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Check Out Lulu Avenue!  Can’t make it to the party?  No problem, click the Lulu Avenue link to order online!

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Legend of the Sand Dollar

November 19, 2013 in Christmas, Christmas Creations, Creating, Kids

The Legend of the Sand Dollar


You’re seeing this, right?  I mean, fist off check out this picture I took.  I gotta say, I’m getting pretty good.  But also, check out this sweet, inexpensive, beautiful, meaningful (is that enough adjectives for you) Christmas gift!  I made these a few years ago for a group of young women I taught, and they loved it!  This is also a very easy gift to duplicate OR just give the poem, bag and sand dollar and let the kids make their own necklace.  Here we go, I know you’re itching to do this.

You Will Need:

  • Sand Dollars (click here to view the exact one I bought in the picture)
  • 1 piece textured paper to print the poem on
  • Small fabric pouch (click here to see a great site to order bulk on)
  • 3 Double jewelry Rings
  • 1 Spring Clasp
  • 1 Necklace Chain
  • Wire Cutters or good scissors

*No kidding, besides the sand dollars, I bought every single item I need fro this project at Joann.com

The Method:

First, let’s do the easiest part, printing the poem.  Have you read this before?  It’s so beautiful!  Because I did this for many people I printed the poem 2 per page on a pretty textured computer paper then just ripped them apart, giving them a nice natural edge.  And it was faster than cutting.  😉  Because I’m so super nice, I have included a PDF of the poem for you to print off.  Click Legend of Sand Dollar to print the PDF.


If this is all you’re planning on, just rip the poem apart on both sides, roll it up around a pencil and put one in each bag with a sand dollar.  There you have it.


For those of you over achievers who want to make a necklace, it’s actually really simple.

Step 1:  Cut you’re necklace chain to the right length using your wire cutters.


Step 2:  Attach the 3 double rings, one to the sand dollar and one on each side of the chain.  This is simple, just like putting a key on a key chain.  The only tricky part was getting it on the sand dollar.  I actually just used a small piece of jewelry wire to make a ring for that part.



Step 3:  Attach the necklace clip to the double rings.



NOW you’re ready to give a lovely and meaningful gift this season.


Awwww!  Look how pretty!  This is a winner!  Merry Christmas, everyone!

<3, Sharla

Image-1-9 DSC_0833 

Repurposing Greeting Cards

November 18, 2013 in Creating


I don’t know about you but I hate tossing those sweet and beautiful cards I get from friends and loved ones.  I’m no pack rat, but these cards are so personal and sweet and when it comes to putting them in the trash I feel like a jerk wrapped in ungrateful.  Sooooooooo, I keep them.  I put them in a shoe box and they just pile up…staring at me asking “why are we here?”


One day between cooking, cleaning, and wiping noses while at the same time clinging to my sanity with white knuckles it hit me…why not use those cards to make new ones?  WHY, I ASK YOU?!  Because it’s hard, complicated, long, expensive?  No, no, no, and NO!  It seriously couldn’t be more simple.

What You’ll Need:


  • Old Cards
  • 8 1/2 x 11 Neutral colored card stock
  • Adhesive
  • Paper cutter
  • Ink Pad (optional)

Yes, you guessed it, I love Die Cut Machines, Supplies and More at Joann.com for everything I needed for this project.

The Method:

First things first you need to cut the front off of the cards you have.  I love this part!  It is so sweet as I cut to re-read all of the messages inside.

DSC_0795 DSC_0794


Now you need to prepare the new inside.  This is simple using the 8 1/2 x 11 card sock.  All you gotta do is cut it in half width wise so you have two pieces of 8 1/2 x 5 1/5 pieces.  You know what that means…two cards per paper.  Nice.  Then fold each half in half (things just got complicated…actually no, they didn’t).

DSC_0797 DSC_0798


Before you stick the front of the card on it might be nice to give it a little pop.  This is quick and easy if you brush the edges of the front card along an ink pad.  Stick with brown or something neutral.  Then glue the front onto the folded piece.

DSC_0800 DSC_0799


And there ya go, one card down.  You have to admit, that’s freaking easy!



Be a friend and provide a new envelope.  This makes a standard sized greeting card and you can purchase a box of neutral colored envelopes from any office supply store.  Provide on envelope per card, place them all in a lovely box and there you have it.  An inexpensive and beautiful box of cards that you can selfishly keep and use (like I would) or give away as a thoughtful gift.  So stop getting rid of those cards and spread some cheer!

DSC_0793 DSC_0802 DSC_0806

<3, Sharla


Ninja/Ninjago Costume

August 5, 2013 in Kids, Parties, Sewing, Sewing for Kids


Ninjago Costumes and Birthday Party
Ok, when my little guy turned 7 he was in love with Ninjago on TV.  Of course he has to have the party to match!  Click here to check out the entire party or visit the Kid’s link at the top of the page.  But the real winner of the party were the ninja costumes I made for each boy.  I am so excited about this project because it is as simple as you can get, with a BIG pay off.  So let’s get started!
Here’s what you need: 
  • 1 Yard non fraying fabric per costume (I used a crushed velvet from Jo Ann.  Check the side bar on this blog and there is a link to Jo Ann Fabric’s 40% off coupon.  What every fabric you choose, just make sure it won’t fray and has good weight and stretch, other wise you will have more sewing to do.)
  • 1/4 Yard black cotton per costume (or buy some sort of black tie in the ribbon section and cut the belt step out completely)
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

*All seam allowances are 1/4″ or edge of presser foot.

With your yard of fabric folded wrong sides together and salvage edge to salvage edge measure over about 13 inches and cut straight up the fabric.  I just folded and cut, a little quicker and easier.  The big piece is for the body of the costume, the skinny piece if for the hood.  If you can believe it, the body is half done at this point!
Now, up at the folded top, start from center and measure across 7-8 inches, centered on the fold.  This is going to be the head hole.  I have to admit, I cut the head hole for my 7-year-old a little too large in this pic.  Even still, it looked great.  Once you’ve got the head hole centered cut out a crescent that is about 3 inches deep at the lowest level.  Don’t stress this step!  It’s a little eyeballing, but once it’s on, you won’t even notice a little mess up.
Your body piece should now look like this.  And, FYI, it’s done!!!  Just put their little heads through the head hole and the sides are open for arms and lots of karate movement.
So, as I said earlier, you could take this step out completely by just buying a black rope or something like that to tie around their waist.  You for sure need something that ties the costume snug and adds to the karate look.  I went with a yard of black cotton because it’s cheap and I needed 4 belts, so I just cut it into 1/4 yard strips width of fabric (so folded salvage edge to salvage edge, I like this because then you don’t have to finish the salvaged edge, it’s already finished for you).
Sorry for the sideways picture here, I can’t figure out how to turn it 😉  Anyway, sew the strip, right sides together the length of the fabric.  DO NOT SEW THE ENDS SHUT!  Remember the salvaged edges?  Already finished, no need to do anything, besides, once its sewn you need to…
Turn it right side out.  Just reach you hand down through the tube like you’re putting on a sleeve, grab the end and pull the whole thing out.  This pic shows what it looks like when it’s half way done.
Then, of course, iron it flat.  Looks much nicer.  Belt, DONE!
Once again, sorry for the turn on the photo, but get out your piece of fabric you cut off from the body.  Fold it in half, right sides together with salvage edges together.  You just took that long piece and folded it right in the center.  You want the hood to be 24 inches long, so measure from the fold down 24 inches and then cut straight across the bottom.  Now, round the top.  Again, you are going to eyeball it, but no worries, once it’s on their little heads, it will look great.  While staying as close to the fold as possible cut the top round.

Now, measure from the bottom up 10 inches on both sides and pin it.  You want to leave the bottom 10 inches on both sides open, it makes it easier to get the hood on and off and is more comfortable to wear, plus the extra flap tucks into the neck hole of the body piece.  Once it’s pinned and marked, sew it up.  Ignore the hole in the middle, we’ll get to that in a minute.


All that’s left is the eye hole.  All you need to do is center an oval on the face.  It measured 5 inches from the top of the hood and about 4 inches across. I actually put he hood on my son and marked on the hood how wide across his eyes needed to make a big enough hole. I took it off and folded in the center of the two marks, then cut a half oval that opened up to look like this…

This was just how it worked in my head to do it, if you have a better idea, please go for it.  In the end you just need an oval that is big enough for them to see out of.  
And, you’re done!!!Don’t have the time or confidence to make your own costume?  Click here to go to our Etsy store and order one!
<3, Sharla

Photo Printed Quilt

August 4, 2013 in Sewing, Sewing Blankets

I am crazy excited about his quest blogger, why?  Because not only is Amy one of my very best friends, but she and I started out blogging together.  She and I and another friend had the vision to create a blog of all of the things we love to do but alas, Amy ended up getting a great job and her time for blogging faded into the sunset.  Well, before that happened she did this post on our original blog, and I am proud to include it in my Guest Blogger post.  I’m sure this will not be the last we hear from Amy. :)


Using Pictures on Quilts 


Have you found that special gift for the women who gave you life, who changed your diapers, fed and clothed you and put up with all your crap? What do you give your Mom to say “Wow, now that I am a Mom I REALLY appreciate all you have done!” My Mom is absolutely the best I just love her to pieces. I was a very easy child. Well easy when compared to most of my 6 other siblings. The fact that she raised 7 of us and is still sane means she deserves a pretty awesome gift. Well here’s my dirty little secret. I always drop the ball on Mother’s Day. But mark my words….not this year! 

I am making the same gift for both my Mom and Mother in law. I thought about it because my sweet MIL has been living in a care facility for the last 12 years. She is on a ventilator and confined to bed pretty much all the time. She lives completely for her family. That being said we have covered every inch of wall space with pictures. What was left to do? A blanket! We can wrap her in our hugs and she can see the kids cute faces every time she looks down. Cute, right?

Then I thought one Mom down now what should I do for my Mom? Well my sweet Grandma passed away less than a month ago and my Mom is broken hearted. I thought why don’t I make one for my Mom with pictures of her Mom so she can snuggle up with her when she misses her. What better gift for Mother’s Day than something to help her feel close to her Mom. I had a plan….

So Sharla, Amy and I headed out for a shopping extravaganza!

Here is what I bought, these measurements are for one blanket: 

  • 4 yards of solid colored flannel- I did ivory.

  • .5 yards of 8 different patterns of flannel

  • Matching thread

  • 2 packs of photo fabric paper- I found this by the iron on transfer paper. Buy the kind that is colorfast so the blanket can be washed.

That’s it! Now you are ready to go.

  • Cut all your fabric into 11″ squares- I did 11″ because I could follow the fold in the fabric which makes cutting much easier.

  • Create your “sandwiches” with one piece of solid flannel in between two patterned pieces with patterns facing out. You will also need 6 that are just 3 layers of solid flannel, these are the ones we will put the pictures on.

  • Sew an X across your square from corner to corner to keep your layers together.

  • Pick out 6 super cute pictures and print them on the fabric paper.
  • Follow the directions to make the fabric paper colorfast.
  • Line up the pictures on the solid ivory squares and sew around the perimeter I gave it about an inch border.

  • Layout your blanket on the floor so you can play with the design and pattern. I recommend taking a picture so you can refer to it as you go if needed.
  • Start sewing the squares together row by row. Make sure you always sew the right sides so the fringe will be right.
  • Once you have all your rows start sewing them together into your quilt.
  • Trim up any edges to make it even.

  • Sew around the perimeter about and inch or so in from the edge.
  • Snip around the perimeter and around each square. Be sure not to snip your stitches!
  • Toss it in the washer, no soap just fabric softener.
  • Look how awesome it is when your done!

I just love them, let me know what you think! Best daughter EVER!!

Bandana Picnic Blanket

July 24, 2013 in Sewing, Sewing Blankets


Best 4th of July Picnic Blanket

 Fireworks, friends, face paint, balloons…my family LOVES to celebrate the 4th.  We have some generous friends who have invited us to their “3rd” of July party the past couple of years and it is cray-cray.  Seriously, they have a bounce house, live music, catering, drinks, and a raffle.  At the end of the night we watch the professional fireworks show from their front yard.  It is amazing and a new treasure in our lives.  So, how do you go to such an amazing party and not do something to show how much you appreciated their hospitality?  Well, I just can’t help myself…I must sew!

 I’ve seen blankets like this and I thought it would be a perfect gift, a patriotic colored picnic blanket to watch fireworks on.  And don’t worry, it’s beyond easy.  I whipped this puppy out in a grand total of about 5 hours.  Here we go…

 What you need:

-6 blue handkerchiefs

-6 red handkerchiefs *I looked high and low for the best deal and and found that Reams carries the best variety with the best price.  Other wise any craft store also carries them.

-Batting (my handkerchiefs were about 22” square so I made sure my batting was at lease 66”x88”, but you may need to adjust your measurements for your size handkerchiefs)

-Denim for back and ties (your backing needs to be 4” wider than the front of the blanket all the way around)

-White quilting yarn

 Lets Get Started:

 First you are going to sew your handkerchiefs together 3 in a row alternating colors.  You will end up with 4 strips.  Be careful to match the colors so they alternate not only across but also down.

 Now sew your strips together.  What?  The front is finished!

 Lets prepare the backing.  I cut my piece in half and sewed it salvage sides together to make the right dimensions to match the front with about 4″ extra on each side.

Let’s tie it!  Lay your backing right side down.  Next lay your batting on top.  Last lay your front on top of the batting right side up.  Using a heavy needle and your yarn make a tie in the middle of each square.  Go down on the top and up again very close to where you went down.  Leave about 3” of yarn to tie.  Cut your yarn and move onto the next square.  When all of the squares have a tie knot each of them.  

 Now you are ready to sew the sides.  Trim the batting to match the front of the blanket.  Trim the backing to two inches wider than the front of the blanket.  The way to finish this blanket is to work one side at a time.  Fold the backing in 1” and again 1” so the backing overlaps the front of the blanket.  Use a zigzag stitch and sew one side all the way from top to bottom.  Next sew the opposite side in the same manner.  Now finish the last two sides folding the same way.

You can totally stop here and be happy with your results, but why not add straps for easy transport?  I created mine by using excess backing.  I cut them about 4” wide and long enough to tie around the rolled up blanket.  I created mine the same way you make your own bias tape.  I ironed the strip in half, opened it and folded each side into the middle crease and ironed them again.  Last I folded it in half again and pressed.  I simply folded in the end to avoid frays and do a straight stitch all the way down.  You only need two strips.

 Next fold your blanket up the way you like (I folded it long ways 1/3 in and then 1/3 again and then rolled it up).  Find the middle of each strap and pin the straps to the back of the blanket at the top of the strip, making sure to pin the strap right in the middle.  To secure it just do a quick zigzag stitch across each strap.  I tried to line the zigzag stitch up with the one that was already there from finishing the edges, and you are FINISHED!  

<3, Sharla