Napkin Ring Chair Decor

August 7, 2013 in Creating, Easter Creations

Use a Napkin Ring as Chair Decor for Easter

I have a big, manly dining room table.  What do I mean by “manly”?  Well, it’s very square, very heavy, and has lots of rivets.  If you saw it, you’d know what I mean.  So, it is my goal in life to make it cute and girly (which just thrills my husband).  So, here’s a simple, inexpensive and cute idea to decorate your chairs for the Easter season:
Easy Decor
These are $2 napkin rings from Tai Pan Trading Company hung with pink and cream sheer ribbon (also from Tai Pan Trading Company, but any ribbon will do) tied with a bow at the top.
Could it be more simple or affordable?!
Hope to see you hopping around soon!
<3, Sharla

Easter Bunny Shadow

August 7, 2013 in Easter, Kids

Create Belief
We are HUGE “believers” in our house.  If there is a holiday or tradition that promotes magic and/or believing in something that doesn’t exist, well, then we will do all we can to make it real (you know, for the kids).  I give 100% of the credit for this to my man.  He has a huge imagination and an even huger….creative streak. 😉  So, last year my 8-year-old daughter was getting a little skeptical about the Easter Bunny so Matt (my man, as it were) staged this pic as proof…
Easter Bunny Shadow
See the Easter Bunny’s shadow?  The ears, head and body?  It’s enough to promote belief but not enough to call for questions (like, “why does the Easter Bunny at the mall smell like barf?).  You’re loving it, right?  
All he did was
1.) Cut the torso, head and ear shape as one piece out of a piece of poster board.
2.) Tape it to the outside of the window.
3.) Set up a plug-in spot light shining from the outside of the window onto the cut out.  We got the best results by angling the spot light up while keeping it close to the house.
4.) Adjust the blinds to the right angle to catch the best light.
It might take a little playing around with the angle of the light and the angle of the blinds to get it just right, but trust me, the proof it provides on Easter morning is worth it!
<3, Sharla

Spray Paint Easter Bunny Tracks

August 7, 2013 in Easter, Kids

Spray Paint + Bunny Tracks = Easter Smiles
Easter Bunny Foot Prints
What?!  Gigantic Easter Bunny footprints all over the front yard on Easter morning?  What could be more fabulous?  Only the smiles from the kid-o’s when they see that the Easter Bunny left proof that he hopped right up to your front door.  
Matt (my extraordinarily motivated husband) has an excess of spray paint laying around so he decided to get creative to start a buzz on Easter morning.  The kids loved it, and can you think of anything more fun than spray painting huge bunny feet on your front yard in the dark?
Peter Cotton Tail left his trail for the kids to follow.  Give it a try and add some “egg-stra” fun to your Easter Day!!!
<3, Sharla