Daily Doable 6/13/14

June 13, 2014 in Daily Doable, Kids


Meet Sawyer’s New Friend!

The kids and I were at the pool one day, the sun was shining, the weather was perfect, and with the pool noodle in hand, Sawyer (my 3-year-old) had the nerve to get bored!  He was ready to go but the other kids weren’t.  Bummer for me.  I was left trying to entertain a grouchy, tired toddler.  That’s when his new friend was born.  Simply twist the strap of some goggles around the end of a pool noodle and position the eyes over the top edge.  He was trilled!  He talked to the noodle, taught it to swim and then I used it to attack him from the comfort of my pool chair.  Funoodle Friend, don’t ever leave me!

<3, Sharla

Daily Doable 6/4/14

June 4, 2014 in Daily Doable, Kids


Daily Doable: No More Teachers, No More Books!

Hallelujah!  Finally, school is out for summer!  I have been anticipating this day more than anyone, even my kids.  Ok, teachers have anticipated it more, I bet.  I love having free time with my kids.  I love spoiling them with TV, electronics, and laziness.  But I love spending un-pressured time with them more.  I feel like during the school year we are ruled by schedules.  Time to get up.  Time to eat breakfast.  Time to go to school.  Time to do homework.  Time to go to practice.  Time to eat.  Time to brush teeth.  Time for bed.  It’s a continuous cycle of pushing and prodding.  In other words, it’s exhausting.  Who knew my when my kids started school it would be like I was doing it all over again with them?  So, here we are.  A sumer stretching out in front of us, how will you spend it?  I challenge you to spoil them.  Give them extra time doing the things they can’t do during the school year.  That means something different to every family, so figure out what it is that would make your kids over-the-moon happy to do, and let them do it.  A lot.  Then, after they are through gorging themselves on their favorite pass-time, give them your time.  Whether they realize it or not, kids crave the company of their parents.  Be silly, do a craft, take them to the park.  Set a goal to spend time with your kids.  It can be an hour a day or an activity a week, but take the extra time summer allows and give it to your kids.  Childhood is short and there are precious few summers in it, so make this one a great one!

<3, Sharla

Daily Doable 6/3/14

June 3, 2014 in Daily Doable


Daily Doable: Use a Shoe Organizer to Organize Your Pantry!

Is anyone as blown away by this as I am?  I was at my besty’s house the other night and had to get into her pantry and what do I come across?  The best idea since BBC decided to bring back Dr. Who!  She bought a plastic shoe organizer and hung in on the inside of her pantry door, and BOOM, instant storage.  Water bottles, straws, even snacks for the kids are all organized and reachable.  Plus, just look at that pantry!  It’s beautiful.  It’s like she added a whole extra shelf that is more convenient than a shelf.  Done.  Seriously.  I am so doing this.  Thanks Amy!

<3, Sharla

Daily Doable 6/2/14

June 2, 2014 in Cooking, Daily Doable


Daily Doable: Use Toothpicks as Corn Cob Holders

Yeah, you read that right, use toothpicks to stick into the ends of corn on the cob and use them as holders.  Because they are wood you can even put them into the corn before it’s cooked, that way there are no third degree burns (don’t laugh, I know ya’ll have done it).  This idea was born as most great ideas are, out of necessity!  My kids have lost so many corn cob holders that I can’t keep them in the house (ok, maybe one or two have gone down the disposal).  And they cry a river every time they want one.  That’s when inspiration strikes.  They are easy to push in, and completely disposable.  Plus, who doesn’t have toothpicks laying around?!  So, bring on the BBQ, you didn’t know it, but you are prepared.

<3, Sharla

Daily Doable 4/29/14

April 29, 2014 in Daily Doable, Family, For Fun, Kids



How to Create Memorable Birthdays!

First of all, shout out to my littlest guy, Sawyer!  He turns 4 today!  He is an angle without wings.  Really, to know him is to love him.  He is so full of happiness and fun and life.  Of course, as his parents, we would love to do some huge, extravagant party for him every chance we get, but my husband pointed out long ago (right about the time our first turned 3) that big parties, lots of gifts and tons of friends aren’t what he remembers most about his birthdays.  His dad started a tradition with him that has stuck, and I’m going to share it with you.

With your first kid every parents imagines every birthday being red letter.  Don’t get me wrong, it is.  But when you start having more than one child and birthdays fall close to other holidays or birthdays, life can get complicated.  So, Matt suggested taking a page out his father’s book.  We decided to let each of our kids have a party every other year, on the odd birthdays (1st, 3rd, 5th…..you get it) and the years they don’t have a party they get a date night out with just mom and dad.  Our oldest is getting ready to turn 12 this summer and she already has the restaurant picked out that she wants to go to.  We don’t put any limitations on it (after all, a party is always going to cost more than a meal).  Some of her choices were Wingers, Applebee’s, and most recently, our favorite steak house (ok, that one might have come close to the same cost).  My other son chose his first dinner date with us to be McDonald’s in the play land, and his sister was invited.

The point is, on the years the kids don’t have a party Matt and I get a break from planning all of the hoopla, but more importantly, we get the opportunity to spend some quality time on our child’s special day.  It’s a chance for us to connect and make memories with them, teach them good restaurant etiquette, and give 100% of our attention to that child.  Plus, it makes the years they have parties that much more memorable.  It’s a tradition that Matt and his dad still hold, because one day those little 4-year-olds will grow up and the parties and toys will be gone, but the tradition will continue.  


<3, Sharla

Daily Doable 4/24/14

April 24, 2014 in Daily Doable



Where You Put Your Attention Expands

So, I am one of the crossing guards at my kid’s elementary school (no, I do not wear an orange vest because that would be a deal breaker) and generally I love it.  I get to know the kids as they pass by me every day, I get paid to drive my kids to school, and I get to go to faculty parties which are always something to speak of.  The biggest down side, however, is being in the elements every day of the school year.  Living in northern Utah presents some bitterly cold/windy/wet weather.  I have to admit, my attitude towards being a crossing guard tends to wane in the middle of January.  By then we have had 3 months of snow, there is no more Christmas to look forward to, only more gray cold days.  One day while at the cross walk I was standing on the corner, generally being annoyed by the layers of dirt filled ice crusted snow on the road when I saw the little leaf in the picture sitting in (of all places) the gutter.  It was beautiful.  This perfect little gem, left over from the beauty of summer, perfectly preserved and clothed in a blanket of frost crystals was sitting in the dirties, wettest place on the street.  It struck me how something so lovely could exist in surroundings so dismal.  I couldn’t help myself, I grabbed out my phone and snapped a shot.  That was over a year ago, and I can’t bring myself to erase it.  I think the reason why is written on the picture.  It’s no secret that I go to therapy regularly (I believe anyone in the world can benefit from a good therapist) and one day Karen pointed out to me that what ever you are focussing on is all that you will see.  If you think a lot about how your kids are making you crazy, they will make you more crazy.  If you think negative things about your neighbor, then you will only see those negative traits, blinding you to their good ones.  If you believe the world is a hopeless place, your heart will continually fill it’s self with despair.  So change your focus.  Think about and focus on the good around you.  Look for reasons to be grateful and happy.  If you find yourself dwelling on negative thoughts try to think of something that makes you happy.  It’s a simple and profound truth.  If you look at your life through the blinders of negativity then negativity is all you will see.  This little leaf taught me that.  There is beauty and joy all around if you look for it.

<3, Sharla

Daily Doable 4/23/14

April 23, 2014 in Daily Doable



Do What You Love!

What are you passionate about?  Forget about if it’s popular or silly or embarrassing, is there something that you just love…something frivolous, nonessential, just for the fun of it?  Well, Matt and I have this kind of love down to a science.  He is a great lover of Star Wars, comic books and super heroes.  Me?  Well, if you say the words “The Doctor” or “Downton Abby” I may just swoon.  For my daughter it’s Adventure Time, my middle son its Legos, and my littlest guy its, well super heroes (he takes after his dad that way).  The point is, the things you are passionate about give life flavor and variety.  It doesn’t matter what it is, just go out there and make some time to enjoy the things that are not nessisary!  For our family, ComicCon fulfills all of our requirements.  Our idea of heaven on earth is walking around a huge convention hall filled with people in costumes, novelties from our favorite shows, and so very many photo ops.  For you it might be scrapbooking, or watching “B” movies, or shopping.  Today’s Daily Doable is just that, make time to enjoy doing what you love to do!

<3, Sharla

Daily Doable 4/22/14

April 22, 2014 in Daily Doable



Me and My Black Thumb

It’s true, I can’t keep plants alive.  Gardens, withered.  Potted plants, rotted.  Even growing seeds in a bag for my kid’s kindergarten class ended up moldy!  If you want to give me plants, please, make it cut flowers.  That way I know it’s not my fault when they die.  What is my problem with plants?!  Because of my black thumb I have given up on putting anything new in my yard for years……or doing yard work in general.  This year I decided it’s time to give it another go.  Matt and I spent a week giving our yard an exorcism.  It was so grown over and full of weeds (from 3 years of neglect) that we worked non stop for a week to get it in a good place.  Talk about baptism by fire!  But it made me brave.  So, I bought these lovely little Azaleas for about $3 each and put them in the pots in my front yard that have been home to every unwanted plant that can find it’s way into them.  You’d think these pots would be a safe bet seeing as how there is a drip line running directly into them, but I’ve killed every plant that I’ve put in those things!  I am optimistic this year.  And I encourage you to be too!  Today’s Daily Doable is to grow something this summer!  I’m not saying I can do it, but you probably can!

<3, Sharla

Daily Doable 4/21/14

April 21, 2014 in Daily Doable




Ok, I disappeared off of the face of cyber-earth for a full month, did ya miss me?  Well, life got crazy and I was trying to stay on top of the kids, the house, the volunteering, the work I do that I actually get paid for (as in not the blog), the husband, and on and on and on.  So, as much as I love blogging, something had to go.  But don’t worry, I’M BACK!

Since I had some time off I gave the blog a little thought and decided to switch up the Daily Doables.  Instead of doing a video, you get a short blurb.  My BFF Amy mentioned once that she can’t watch the Daily Doables at work because they have sound, so here’s to slacking at the office and not getting caught!

As for the message, it’s simple.  PRIORITIZE!  I had to give up something that I loved to get my junk together, but I didn’t give up forever.  Sometimes, sacrificing a little goes a long way to show the ones you care the most about that you love them and that they are the most important thing to you.  Maybe my 9-year-old doesn’t realize I wasn’t blogging this month, but I was able to focus on throwing him a kickin’ birthday party.  My 11-year-old daughter might have noticed (only because she follows the blog on Instagram), but I was able to help prepare her school play for opening night.  My 3-year-old certainly didn’t notice, but we had some serious snuggle time.  I’ll tell you the person who did notice, my husband.  He saw me sacrifice just a little bit to put our family first, and it went a long way.  Does he expect me to give up the things I love forever? Of course not!  But that little bit I did let him know he is more important to me than anything.  So, with that in mind, greet this Monday with the spirit of putting those you love at the top of your list this week.  They are worth it!

<3, Sharla

Daily Doable 3/20/14

March 20, 2014 in Creating, Daily Doable, Easter, Easter Creations


The 30 Second Bird Nest Tutorial!

Click here or the picture above to watch the full tutorial on the Daily Doable!

Click the link to buy the exact raffia that I used in this craft Crafts at Joann.com

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