Bacon in the Oven-Pinterest Success

August 8, 2014 in Pinterest Critique

 Bacon in the Oven-Pinterest Success!
I love a Pinterest Success!  Two thumbs way up!  This pin has literally changed my life.  Yes, bacon changed my life,  I am not ashamed.  And not just my life, my entire family LOVES bacon in the oven.  It comes out light, ultra crispy, and doesn’t make an enormous mess on your stove top or leave that lingering bacon smell in the air, on your clothes, in your hair (I hate that).  It takes about the same time to cook if you cooked a whole package on the stove but because you just pop it in the oven it leaves you free to do other stuff (like search my Pinterest Critique board for more success and fail stories).  
There is some advice I would give: 1)make sure to not over lap the bacon at all.  If they overlap they stick together and also won’t cook evenly.  2) You must use parchment paper or it sticks to the pan.  I only made that mistake once, a whole package of bacon down the drain.  One of the saddest days of my life.  3) Take the bacon off of the pan as soon as it is done and drain on paper towels.  4) Check the bacon regularly as it cooks.  Sometimes the pieces on the ends are done sooner than the middle and sometimes I flip a few if they are looking done on the side touching the pan.  5) I use two pans to cook one package, dividing the bacon in half.  
I know that sounds like a lot of work, and I admit, it took a little practice, but it’s well worth it.  I will never cook bacon on the stove again!  Trust me, you’re about to have a Pinterest success story of your own.