Spring Scrap Fabric Garland

May 6, 2015 in Creating, Easter Creations by Sharla

Spring Scrap Fabric Garland


Inspiration.  It started with a pin I found on Pinterest about how to make your own Twisted Scrap Fabric Twine.  

I loved the look of a mismatched rope and heaven knows I’ve got the scraps.  I guess it takes a better woman than I to make a twisted scrap fabric rope, which is humbling to admit.  I tried three times and failed (embarrassingly).  But I wanted one!  Waaaaaaaa!  Finally I decided to try a different way and any 8-year-old can do it.  Braiding!

So, I grabbed by box of scraps and just tore them to shreds.  No, really, I didn’t measure or count, I just took every large piece and tore it (about 1 inch wide) into strips.  And I used every single piece that had any length.  It didn’t matter if it was fleece, sheer, cotton, or minky.  Then I tied the end of three strips together and pinned it to the bed spread, turned on Gotham and started braiding.  


Now, I failed at making the twisted rope but I did learn a thing or two about how to connect the ends of the scraps, no glue needed.  When I got to about 4 inches of the end of a scrap I just overlapped a new one and kept on going.  No kidding, I did this with every scrap in my box.  

IMG_6078 IMG_6077 IMG_6081

It took me several (forever) nights, but finally I used them all (actually I found a few under my bed when I was done and got angry then threw them away).  When I was finished I tied the end off and used it as a lasso for a few days.  

IMG_6072 IMG_6071 IMG_6070

Now I’ve got this beautiful, long braided ropeā€¦.what to do with it?  I guess I should have thought about that before I started braiding.  I contemplated sewing it into a dress, using it as a kid leash (so trendy), or maybe a lovely noose for those hard days.  Lately I’ve been super into decorating my porch and that’s what kept pulling my attention.  I kept the rope in one long piece and just tacked it to my cross beam, starting by making the longest swoops first and then layering them shorter with each pass until I liked what I had.  I had a bit left over so I tucked it behind the drain pipe.  

IMG_6075 IMG_6074

Of all of the decorations on my porch, this is the one I get them most compliments on.  Well worth the time.


<3, Sharla