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5 Tips to Master Pack Meeting

5 Tips to Master Pack Meeting

My son was a Wolf when I began as his Cub Scout Pack Master.  I had been to pack meetings in the past for him, and I’ll be brutally honest, I wanted to slit my own...Read More »

Adventure Time Birthday Party Cup Cakes

Adventure Time Birthday Party Cup Cakes

Look at that cute 11-year-old.  Smiling, party with friends, the summer sun shining down and her favorite show made in frosting on cupcakes.  Adventure Time cup cakes.  Right?!  Does life get better than that?  I...Read More »

Never Pay full Price at Jo Ann Michael's Hobby Lobby or Amazon


This is a big promise, right? I know, I am aware. If someone offered me a pot of endless coupons for all of the craft stores I shop at, I might be a bit dubious (no I wouldn’t). So, let...Read More »

Daily Doable 7/22/14

Over the years, Matt has taught me a great moto. When it comes to raising kids, you can’t force good behavior, happiness, or high quality choice making. Actually, that is true for anyone, young or old. The way to inspire those around you (including you kids)...Read More »

Daily Doable 7/8/14

How to get your kids to Unplug this Summer!

Remember the Daily Doable I did just one short month ago about spoiling your kids with doing what ever they felt like this summer?  Well, I lived...Read More »

Daily Doable 6/13/14

Meet Sawyer’s New Friend!

The kids and I were at the pool one day, the sun was shining, the weather was perfect, and with the pool noodle in hand, Sawyer (my 3-year-old) had the nerve to get bored!  He was...Read More »

Daily Doable 6/4/14


Daily Doable: No More Teachers, No More Books!

Hallelujah!  Finally, school is out for summer!  I have been anticipating this day more than anyone, even my kids.  Ok, teachers have anticipated it more, I bet.  I love having free time with my kids.  I...Read More »

Medication, ADHD and Kids

Let me start by saying that I’m no expert.  I don’t have a degree in child psychology and I’m not a doctor.  I am, however, the mother of a child with ADHD for 9+ years.  What I will claim is...Read More »

Daily Doable 4/29/14


How to Create Memorable Birthdays!

First of all, shout out to my littlest guy, Sawyer!  He turns 4 today!  He is an angle without wings.  Really, to know him is to love him.  He is so full of happiness and fun and...Read More »

Lego Party!

Lego Party!

Seriously, what is hotter for grade school boys right now than Legos?  I’ll tell you, NOTHING!  If you want a sure fire way to please a bunch of little boys do a Lego party, you don’t even have to have...Read More »

Paint Can Leprechaun Trap

Paint Can Leprechaun Trap


This trap was inspired by our first trap (which failed miserably).  Our first trap ever was the classic prop a shoe box up with a stick, put some gold under it, and let the little devil take the...Read More »

Sleeping Pills for Leprechauns

Sleeping Pills for Leprechauns

This, by far, is one of my favorite leprechaun traps to date.  My kids take a natural hebal supplement at night called melatonin.  It’s a safe, non addictive, natural sleep aid and its a staple in our house....Read More »

Quick Sand Leprechaun Trap

Quick Sand Leprechaun Trap

He’s cute, right?  His name is Darby O’Gill and he comes to play our game every St. Patrick’s Day.  What game, you may ask…..well, the game where my family and I put our heads together and trying and...Read More »

Fly Paper Leprechaun Trap Tutorial

Fly Paper Leprechaun Trap Tutorial

In my opinion, St. Patricks Day is one of the most highly under rated holidays.  It is dedicated to green beer and pre-pubesent teens looking to annoy each other with pinches.  It can be so much more!...Read More »

Daily Doable 2/12/14

Valentine Idea for Boys: Plants vs. Zombies!

Click here or the picture to watch the Daily Doable!

...Read More »

Daily Doable 2/11/14


How to Validate Your Kids on Valentines Day!

Click here or the picture to watch the Daily Doable!

...Read More »

Big Top Circus Party

Peanut Big Top Circus

The Greatest Show on Earth

Welcome back to another AMAZING party by my friend at FatCow.  Angelina and I got acquainted when I started my blog this past summer and after talking on the phone...Read More »

You Are Priceless Gift Idea Tutorial

“You Are Priceless” Gift Idea Tutorial

You see what I did there?  Gold wrapping on a candy bar, gold coins, and a gold gift card with a personalized $100 bill message?  Get it?  “You are Priceless”?  Yeah, it’s pretty cute.  I actually...Read More »

Class Carnival

Class Carnival!

Ok, best party ever!  Have you ever tried to put together a class party for a bunch of 3rd graders?  It’s super hard!  They are too old for stories and simple crafts, too cool to do anything cute or silly,...Read More »

The Things You Can Do In a Matter of Moments

The Things You Can Do In a Matter of Moments

Sharon Neilson: The Balloon Lady

Yes, she is the “balloon lady”, the woman who does washable masterpieces on kid’s faces, the beautiful clown.  This is the founder of Read More »

Princess/Vampire Cape Tutorial

DIY Princess/Vampire Cape Tutorial

Where do I begin with this.  It started out of a need…several years ago, when my oldest daughter and her best friend were choosing Halloween costumes.  Yes, that’s where it all began.  Abby (bestie of Olivia) needed a...Read More »

DIY Gum Ball Necklaces

DIY Gum Ball Necklaces


Are you ready?  Are you ready for the cutest, easiest gift/activity you can possibly do?  Here it is…string gum balls on wrapping string like beads.  Wear.  Eat.  It’s that simple.  This tutorial is actually included in my Read More »

Legend of the Sand Dollar

The Legend of the Sand Dollar

You’re seeing this, right?  I mean, fist off check out this picture I took.  I gotta say, I’m getting pretty good.  But also, check out this sweet, inexpensive, beautiful, meaningful (is that enough adjectives for you)...Read More »

Daily Doable 11/9/13


Series: Last Day – Recipe Made by Kids for Kids!

Click here or the pictures to watch the Daily Doable and to make this kid-friendly recipe!



...Read More »

ADHD Finding the Gift Journey

Finding the Gift Journey

I want to introduce you to one amazing woman.  Michele Weeks and I have...Read More »

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Party

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Party

Ok people, get ready to pee your pants over the cutest party ever!  No, I can’t take the credit for it, but I had to blog it because it is just too cute.  

September Play Group Ideas!


Ok, a few friends and I decided we wanted our 3-year-olds to have some play time with friends (and moms wanted play time with OUR friends) so what better way to make this happen without mommy...Read More »

Summer Party/Game Ideas

Summer Party/Game Ideas
Ok everyone, I know the last days of July are sliding past us, but summer isn’t over yet.  There is still plenty of time for fun outside with family and friends.  So I challenge you to...Read More »

ADHD-Being Your Child's Advocate in the Classroom

ADHD – 6 Points on Being

Your Child’s Advocate

In the Classroom

Meet my oldest son, Davis.  He is now 8 years old, and he is one-of-a-kind.  I mean that, I don’t know another kid like...Read More »

Easter Egg Faces

Easter Egg Faces
Easter Eggs
Ok, who doesn’t love dying eggs...Read More »

Easter Bunny Shadow

Create Belief
We are HUGE “believers” in our house.  If there is a holiday or tradition that promotes magic and/or believing in something that doesn’t exist, well, then we will do all we can to make it...Read More »

Spray Paint Easter Bunny Tracks

Spray Paint + Bunny Tracks = Easter Smiles
Easter Bunny Foot Prints
What?!  Gigantic Easter Bunny footprints...Read More »

Ninja/Ninjago Costume


Ninjago Costumes and Birthday Party
Ok, when my little guy turned 7 he was in love with Ninjago on TV.  Of course he...Read More »

Oh, the Places You'll Go Party

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!
So, my brother-in-law just got his college degree (congrats, Ryan!) so, naturally a...Read More »

Punch Board Tutorial

Punch Board Tutorial
This is one of the best games I have ever made.  I have used the punch board in primary (put...Read More »

Balloon Dart Board Tutorial

Balloon Dart Board Tutorial
I LOVE this project.  It is so fast, easy, and has a big pay off.  I made my dart board to use in conjunction...Read More »


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