There are amazing people everywhere!  

People who do creative, inspiring, fun, interesting and awe-inspiring things quietly every day, and if you look for them, you will be amazed at how many you will find.  That is what this page is all about.  The amazing people who do cool/fun/inspiring things and need their praises sung a little.  I know you will love reading about and learning from my guest bloggers.


Daily Doable 3/18/14


Check out Cassie Walker’s blog to follow her family as they have an adventure of a lifetime down under!

Click here or the picture to watch the Daily Doable!

Click here to visit Cassie’s blog!

...Read More »

An American Indian View of Thanksgiving

An American Indian View of Thanksgiving

Meg Singer, Navajo, Shares her thoughts and experiences.

Thanksgiving–the holiday to give thanks, the day of being thankful. Steeped in American tradition, Thanksgiving is celebrated a myriad of ways. Some celebrate by gorging...Read More »

Daily Doable 9/23/13


Join Mrs. Utah and Help Support Kids with ADHD!  Click here or her pic below to see the post she did for this blog all about her journey with ADHD.

Get great...Read More »

ADHD Finding the Gift Journey

Finding the Gift Journey

I want to introduce you to one amazing woman.  Michele Weeks and I have...Read More »

Running to Boston Part II

For those of you who may not know, my twin sister wrote a guest blog post for me about her experience qualifying for the Boston Marathon.  When I posted her story I had no idea that what started out as an inspiring story about perseverance...Read More »

Running to Boston Part I

Running to Boston

All right, all you “new year resolution”-ers out there, this post has, literally, been 3 years in the making.  This time of year brings a strong desire to look back on the past...Read More »

Kids Birthday Party/Mario Party

Cassie Walker Throws a Party!

 So, I have some pretty cool friends around here, and they do some pretty amazing things.  Cassie Walker is one of those amazing people.  She’s a good friend to me and a...Read More »

Matt Arnold Street Artist

Matt Arnold, Street Artist
Ok, I have been so excited for this blog post.  Ever since the day I started this blog I have wanted to do a guest blog spot featuring my husband and what better day to post...Read More »

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