Easter Creations

Spring Scrap Fabric Garland

Spring Scrap Fabric Garland

Inspiration.  It started with a pin I found on Pinterest about how to make your own Twisted Scrap Fabric Twine.  

I loved the look of a mismatched rope and heaven knows I’ve...Read More »

Daily Doable 3/20/14


The 30 Second Bird Nest Tutorial!

Click here or the picture above to watch the full tutorial on the Daily Doable!

Click the link to buy the exact raffia that I used in this craft Crafts...Read More »

Spring Bird Nest Decoration DIY Tutorial

Bird Nest Tutorial

I’m not gonna lie, this is not a fast project, but it’s worth it!  Really, look at how cute this turned out.  It’s the quintessential Spring decoration.  And it costs less than $10 to make.  A little chicken wire,...Read More »

Using Your Own Art to Decorate Your Home

Using Your Own Art to Decorate Your Home

Let’s talk wall art.  It kills me every time I go to Target and look at the generic wall art they sell, for a lot of money!  Why not make your own?  No really, I’m...Read More »

You Are Priceless Gift Idea Tutorial

“You Are Priceless” Gift Idea Tutorial

You see what I did there?  Gold wrapping on a candy bar, gold coins, and a gold gift card with a personalized $100 bill message?  Get it?  “You are Priceless”?  Yeah, it’s pretty cute.  I actually...Read More »

Using Nature to Decorate for Any Holiday

Using Nature to Decorate for Any Holiday!

I love to decorate for the holidays.  I love the spooky, fun look of Halloween, the warm, inviting earth tones of Thanksgiving, and the joyful bright themes that surround Christmas.  But adding decorations to these holidays...Read More »

Napkin Ring Chair Decor

Use a Napkin Ring as Chair Decor for Easter

I have a big, manly dining room table.  What do I mean by “manly”?  Well, it’s very square, very heavy, and has lots of rivets.  If...Read More »

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