Corn Chips for Fire Starting-Pinterest Fail

December 27, 2014 in Pinterest Critique by Sharla

Corn Chips for Fire Starting-Pinterest Fail




I’m sorry, I really wanted this to work.  I mean, starting a fire with corn chips while camping?  I wanted it to smell AMAZING!  But alas, no.  No.  And no!  The pin says that you can use any corn chip (Doritos, Cool Ranch Doritos, Fritos) and we went for Cool Ranch.  All I did was char a poor, helpless chip (that now I can’t eat) and teach my kids to burn junk.  This was a major Pinterest fail!  Just get some dead wood, wrapping paper or fuel logs (which is how I usually start fires in my fire place).  Save the chips for a greater purpose, the munchies.

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<3, Sharla