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Glow in the Dark Bubbles-Pinterest Fail

March 14, 2015 in Pinterest Critique by Sharla

 Glow in the Dark Bubbles-Pinterest Fail
Creating your own Glow in the Dark Bubbles, Pinterest Fail (sad to say).  Do not be fooled!  You can NOT create your own glow in the dark bubbles with a bottle of bubble solution and glow sticks.  This is a total Pinterest fail.  Since I have tried this, I have researched how to do it correctly and the results are all the same, IT DOESN’T WORK!  I don’t know what magical solution the original blogger used (you can see the link I found this at if you click the picture above) but in my opinion his pin is totally misleading, it gets a BIG thumbs down.  In a nut shell the link instructs you to break open some glow sticks, dump them into a bottle of bubbles and you have glow-in-the-dark bubbles.  Viola (not).  Don’t waist your time, bubbles, and glow sticks.  All that happened is that we ruined all of our night time fun supplies.  I believe the main problem is that there is a pretty specific formula for making a great bubble solution and when you add an additional ingredient it waters down the bubbles so you can’t make any.  I will say, it did create a glow in the dark solution, but all it was good for was smearing all over the kids using them.  I guess they thought that was fun, but I wasn’t so impressed.  Also, the link on this pin has a NEGATIVE critique for a glow in the dark Miracle Bubbles product.  Also, a fail.  Wish it wasn’t true, but I think the only way you will get glow in the dark bubbles is to either catch a fairy or summon the dark lord himself (seems like something Voldemort would be into).  Big thumbs down.
<3 Broken, Sharla
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Cinnamon Rolls Waffles:Pinterest Success

March 8, 2015 in Pinterest Critique by Sharla

Cinnamon Roll Waffles: Pinterest Success!
Ok, cinnamon roll waffles in the waffle iron, this was a must try.  Actually, I categorize it as a Pinterest Success, but only halvies.  I’m a lazy cook, ok?  I wanna eat something yummy but sometimes I just don’t have it in me to to spend even 10 minutes in the kitchen to make it happen.  Why can’t I have a live-in cook, or maid for that matter?  Since I live in reality (unfortunately) I have to deal with the planning, cooking, serving, and the complaining from the kids every time dinner rolls around.  That’s why I was excited to find this pin on Pinteres on how to make cinnamon rolls waffles in your waffle iron.  Buy a pack of pre made rolls (mine are Pillsbury), slap those puppies in a greased heated waffle iron and then smother in syrup.  
I couldn’t bring myself to give this idea two thumbs up.  I mean, granted this is as easy as it looks and even fun to make.  But there seamed to be a lot of unflavored dough, despite the fountain of syrup my kids enjoy.  Not to mention the cleaning up of the waffle iron trumpeted the fast meal.  The kids enjoyed it ok, my Matt and I were left wanting.  If you’re willing to make cinnamon rolls from scratch that I think that would make a hug difference in the taste, but that kind of defeats the ease of the project.  Maybe save this one for a quick breakfast or if the hubby is out of town.  Thumbs up for kids, not so much for adults.
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Corn Chips for Fire Starting-Pinterest Fail

December 27, 2014 in Pinterest Critique by Sharla

Corn Chips for Fire Starting-Pinterest Fail




I’m sorry, I really wanted this to work.  I mean, starting a fire with corn chips while camping?  I wanted it to smell AMAZING!  But alas, no.  No.  And no!  The pin says that you can use any corn chip (Doritos, Cool Ranch Doritos, Fritos) and we went for Cool Ranch.  All I did was char a poor, helpless chip (that now I can’t eat) and teach my kids to burn junk.  This was a major Pinterest fail!  Just get some dead wood, wrapping paper or fuel logs (which is how I usually start fires in my fire place).  Save the chips for a greater purpose, the munchies.

Check out my Pinterst Critique board for more info on what really happens when a capable and honest person tries junk the internet suggests.

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Hobo Dinners in Cabbage-Pinterest Success

August 18, 2014 in Pinterest Critique by Sharla

Wrapping Hobo Dinners in Cabbage to Keep From Burning-Pinterest Success!

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Sooooooo, I had the great fortune of taking my kids on a camping trip this summer (if you can’t sense my sarcasm, let me just spell it out for you).  I know, we are the worst parents ever for not taking them sooner, seeing as how my oldest is now, officially, 12 years old.  What can I say?  Matt and I don’t like our kids!  Just kidding, we actually love spending time with them, just not out in the wilderness with no bathroom, no beds, and no TV (as in, for us)!  However, what’s the one thing our kids wanted to do this summer?  You guessed it, camp.  So here we are…literally the week before school starts finally putting on our big-boy pants and giving the kids what they beg for, our personal hell.

Having said that, at least camping lends itself to some seriously creative fun, and what promotes more creativity than Pinterest?  Nothing.  The answer is nothing.  Thus, here is a full week of Camping Pinterest success and failures hot off my Pinterest Critique Board.  You’re welcome.

I have been making hobo dinners since I can remember.  Matt has gone on many “Mountain Man Rendezvous” which is like a scrapbooking retreat for dudes but with more, well, everything girls don’t want.  I make him hobo dinners every time, but I have never seen the advice to wrap the hobo dinner in cabbage (thank you, Pinterest).  I just had to give it a go.

The verdict, two thumbs WAY up!!!  Total Pinterest success!  Before I found this pin, every time I made these we had had to scrape away the cooked meat from the charred remains at the bottom of the tin foil, but not this time.  I don’t know who thought of this or where the magical properties of cabbage leaves come from, but all I did was lay out the tin foil, put a large cabbage leaf down, load it with the hobo dinner ingredients, cover it with another leaf of cabbage, then wrap the whole thing up tight with foil, and viola!  Non-burned, beautiful, moist hobo dinner!!!  I will never go camping with  out cabbage leafs again (quite possibly the weirdest statement ever).

For my recipe for Hobo dinners, which is excellent and has taken me years to perfect, click here or the picture below.  And feel free to follow me on Pinterest for more camping and tons of other fun pins (seriously, I pin all the time…like twice a day)!


<3, Sharla

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Hard Boiled Eggs in the Oven-Pinterest Fail

August 13, 2014 in Pinterest Critique by Sharla

 Hard Boiled Eggs in the Oven-Pinterest Fail
Pinterest fail.  And it’s not my fault!  I followed the instructions perfectly and it so didn’t work.  I had a horrible time peeling the eggs.  It was as if the shell had fused to the egg itself creating a new and evil version of something that heretofore had been soft and tasty.  When I did finally get the shell off the egg was a tattered wretch.  Not to mention I was promised a better tasting egg, they tasted pretty much the same (and that’s saying something because I’m easy to impress when it comes to food…I really like food).  Finally, the yolk was impossible to get out (no good for deviled eggs or kids who hate “the yellow ball”).  Stick to the stovetop and water.  
If you’re looking for a quicker, easier way to peel eggs, I suggest using a spoon.  My husband taught me this little trick and we do it every time eggs are boiling.  Stick with the tried and true method.  Click the picture below for full instructions on how to easily and quickly peeling eggs, and follow my Pinterest Critique board for more Pinterest fail and success stories.
<3, Sharla
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Bacon in the Oven-Pinterest Success

August 8, 2014 in Pinterest Critique by Sharla

 Bacon in the Oven-Pinterest Success!
I love a Pinterest Success!  Two thumbs way up!  This pin has literally changed my life.  Yes, bacon changed my life,  I am not ashamed.  And not just my life, my entire family LOVES bacon in the oven.  It comes out light, ultra crispy, and doesn’t make an enormous mess on your stove top or leave that lingering bacon smell in the air, on your clothes, in your hair (I hate that).  It takes about the same time to cook if you cooked a whole package on the stove but because you just pop it in the oven it leaves you free to do other stuff (like search my Pinterest Critique board for more success and fail stories).  
There is some advice I would give: 1)make sure to not over lap the bacon at all.  If they overlap they stick together and also won’t cook evenly.  2) You must use parchment paper or it sticks to the pan.  I only made that mistake once, a whole package of bacon down the drain.  One of the saddest days of my life.  3) Take the bacon off of the pan as soon as it is done and drain on paper towels.  4) Check the bacon regularly as it cooks.  Sometimes the pieces on the ends are done sooner than the middle and sometimes I flip a few if they are looking done on the side touching the pan.  5) I use two pans to cook one package, dividing the bacon in half.  
I know that sounds like a lot of work, and I admit, it took a little practice, but it’s well worth it.  I will never cook bacon on the stove again!  Trust me, you’re about to have a Pinterest success story of your own.